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About the Author
A writer and musician at an early age, Kayleigh Jamison wrote her first novella at the age of seven, and first picked up a violin at eight. By eighteen, she had won several state and regional awards for the performance arts, recognizing her accomplishments in violin, viola, and oboe.  An amateur linguist, Ms. Jamison speaks five languages, including Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

With a Bachelors degree in English and Philosophy and a Certification in Legal Studies, Ms. Jamison spends her days attending law school and her nights immersed in the rich fantasy worlds of her imagination. She enjoys rewriting history, exploring not only what was, but what could have been, mixing real historical figures and events with spicy, no-holds barred fiction.  "I'm not so much a creator," she often says of her work, "as I am a medium.  I channel something greater than myself, and bring these stories to life in ways that surprise even me."

Ms. Jamison is a member of RWA, EPIC, AWA, and Sultry Sirens.  She is the former Editor in Chief of Aphrodite's Apples Press.


Bound Souls Series:

Leading Her to Heaven
currently out of print
Re-releasing December 15th
March 15th, print
Scottish Warriors:

Scandalous Situations Book Two:  A Compromising Evening

British Regency:
currently out of print
Re-releasing November 15, ebook
February 15, print